We like to care

Order medicines and baby goods right up to your door. The first mobile only pharmacy delivery in the Czech Republic.


About us

We are a Czech company based in Olomouc with a network of partner pharmacies throughout the whole Czech Republic. We are engaged in the distribution of medicines, products for babies and dietary supplements. Our portfolio of products focuses on quality and proven assortment with wide use. The product selection is the result of many years of experience of our team.

High specialization, professionalism and strong customer orientation enabled dynamic development of the company and its inclusion among the major market players.

An integral part of our business conduct is to focus our attention on minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment through strict adherence to all environmental legislation and implementing preventive measures in the areas of energy consumption and use, raw materials and waste recovery.

Where are we heading

"Our mission is to offer quick relief by delivering the necessary products, goods and medicines to increase the quality of life for as many people as possible."

Our values

To be fast and always smile

Respect for the individual and society

Ethical behavior


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